Lean on me. That’s something that I take very seriously. 

As human beings, we are meant to help one another as much as we can. 

I always try to do me ‘good deed for the day’, I think it’s beautiful when I see random acts of kindness, it’s definitely one of my most favourite things about us. 


The end of a great year.

  So I’ve finally completed my first year at Coventry University. 

It’s been absolutely crazy, met a ton of awesome people, made some mistakes and had a general positive time. 

My university career is a bit like this tunnel, I can’t quite see the end just yet, but I’ll get there. 

Black and White

  I think there is a certain ‘rawness’ to photos in black and white, some details I believe are lost when there is colour, for instance, this tree, every contour, every crack and every line is clearly visable. 

I think there is something there that is relatable. 

The lack of colour adds a simple plain beauty to the picture.


  So these are my parents, and of course my main man Charlie the Chocolate Labrador, I guess I just wanted to talk about them a little. 

As a teenager I’ve pissed them off way too many times, and what is so amazing is that they still have always been there for me. No matter what the issue is, both my mum and my dad will always help me out. 

So I guess this post is a little Thankyou for them (they read my blog from time to time), cheers! 


  As you can see from this time stamp, I took this photo a very long time ago, however recently I’ve been thinking about the past so I thought it appropriate. 

This particular one, was of a sunset on the coast of england, I was with all my college friends who I hold very dear, it was one of the happiest times of my life, everything was great. 

You know when you look at a picture and you are just instantly transported back in time to a certain event or moment, well this is why I love this picture I took. 


  It’s definitely my favourite place in the world, not a specific ‘forrest’ I guess, but the general wilderness. 

Wilderness so deep you can be alone with your thoughts, and just wander aimlessly. 

That’s why the wilderness is my favourite place on this earth, I’ve grown up wandering the woods, the trees allowed me to rest my mind, and just relax. 


  Sometimes it’s hard to just ‘relax’, to completely seperate oneself from the stress of life, but it is very important that once in a while, we do take a step back, take a deep breath, and relax.